Zoom Yoga…Connecting Between the Distance


Last night, our community experienced the magical healing of yoga through Rachel Dewan’s guided practice with us. Rachel’s special style of yoga incorporates Jewish themes into her yoga and meditation practice. We took the journey of “Mitzrihim” (“Egypt”) from the story of Passover and used the second translation, “narrow place”, to find the narrow places within us and, from there, expand – into our bodies, into our breath and into our minds.

Our community found connection by gathering together – even online – during this time of isolation to feel something special. “I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the group…perhaps Pesach this year will be infused with the notion that connecting with others helps us toward our own personal freedom.” – Cheryl F.

To hear the song Rachel shared with us, click here: https://shiryaakov.bandcamp.com/track/min-hametzar

Follow Rachel at www.yogatova.com.