Supporting our Seniors with High Holiday Gift Bags


Back in 2020, we knew one thing for certain – our seniors were vulnerable and isolated. And we knew that part of the cure was hand delivering Jewish holiday gift bags one at a time across many neighborhoods until every smile was reached.

Our team of outstanding volunteers came out time and time again for each holiday – Rosh Hashanah, Purim, Passover and Hanukkah – to ensure that our seniors felt connected and cared for.

One recipient of our Purim gift bags wrote to us, “Thanks to you and the JCC for the thoughtful Purim package delivered to us. Our wishes to the entire organization for a beautiful and meaningful Purim. Thanks, especially, to the young woman who took time out of her day to deliver this package to us. We really appreciated seeing her and her children! What a joy.”

For 2021, our commitment and resolve to help our seniors feel appreciated, valuable members of our community continues.

To support these efforts, you can….

Contact us at [email protected] to get involved today and help bring a smile to our valued seniors.