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The advance warning systems failed.

No alarms Sounded.

A bomb landed in Orel’s backyard

These are the stories we hear from the teenagers living in Israel at the border of Gaza.

We know you share with us the feelings of dread and helplessness as we hear stories of ongoing violence and terror in Israel. When we visit Israel and meet young people- similar in every way to our own children and their friends- whose lives have been devastated by hatred and violence, it breaks our hearts.

But there is a way for you to make a difference. Open Hearts Open Homes is a program through the JCC of Northern NJ to help bring comfort to Israeli teens affected by terrorism to our community for the summer. Twenty teens are selected to experience hope and healing during three weeks each summer.

Now in its 18th year, our “Chai Summer”, we ask you to partner with us to ensure the continuity and strength of this meaningful program through your generous donation.

Please help us make this summer an outstanding one for these Israeli teens, like Orel, our community and our children.

If you have any questions about Open Hearts Open Homes or are interested in hosting an Israeli teen this summer, please contact Elana Prezant at (201) 805-2004 or [email protected]

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