The ECC 2s

For Children Turning 2 by October 1

The ECC 2s

Our 2s program provides an opportunity for initial separation and positive peer socialization in a group setting.  The children learn to interact with each other in a supportive and nurturing environment.  Our program provides a happy learning environment that fosters confidence, independence and exploration. The 2s program lays a foundation for a smooth transition into the 3s program the following year.

Our 2s program is designed specifically to meet the children’s individual needs.  For many children, this is the first time they are in a classroom with their peers.  They learn to connect with others through play and example (modeling).  We encourage the children to develop language and communication skills needed for them to feel confident and comfortable as independent learners.  The relationships that they build with their teachers and classmates help them in many ways.   They aid with the process of separating from their parent or caregiver, while also fostering the children’s independence.  They also help to lay the foundation for developing new friendships, relationships, and skills to communicate with adults other than the children’s primary caregivers.

The 2s program provides many varied and enjoyable experiences.  During story time children are engaged in learning about the world around them.  Books are selected that are about situations that are familiar to them as well as based on the interests of the children.  By looking at visual images and listening to the words, their scope of knowledge broadens.  Creative projects are introduced on a regular basis.  Free Play offers an opportunity for children to focus on areas of interest to them as well as to help them learn to use classroom centers and their materials appropriately. Children are frequently encouraged to use their senses to explore new and varied materials.

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