The ECC 3s

For children turning 3 by October 1

The ECC 3s

Our 3s program allows children to learn through experience and interaction.  We encourage children to ask questions, experiment with new materials, solve problems, and learn social skills. The Nursery program is filled with projects, activities, and explorations based on the interests of the children.  We encourage the children’s developing curiosity about their world and their enthusiasm for learning.  The role of the teachers is to guide the children through explorations and social interactions.

The school day consists of various activities including: free play, story time, morning meeting, snack, gross motor play, specials, and goodbye meeting.

During free play, all areas of the classroom are available to the children.  There is usually one area of the classroom with a unique activity available on that day.  Examples include:  cooking, curriculum-related art projects, or experimental sensory materials. Some work/activity areas in the classroom include:  block building, dramatic play area, sensory table, art area, library book area, puzzles, light table, and open-ended materials/manipulatives.  Everyone is encouraged to participate in these activities.

We introduce structured activities and discussions that are connected to the emergent curriculum through exposure to literature, cooking, science experiments, and games.  A variety of different books are read to the children and through this, language and ideas are developed and generated, resulting in rich discussions.

The children learn about Judaic holidays through stories, cooking, and related projects.  They also participate in our school-wide mitzvah programs.

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