The ECC 4s

For children turning 4 by October 1

The ECC 4s

Our 4s program builds on the experiences from our 2s and 3s programs.  The school day consists of various activities including: arrival time, morning meeting, snack, free play, story time, gross motor play, specials, and goodbye meeting.

Our 4s teachers provide rich experiences that allow the children to practice their ability to attend to and participate in group discussions, follow multi-step directions, and follow through with classroom routines and responsibilities.  The idea that children are part of a classroom community and with that comes specific responsibilities is something that each classroom works to help the children understand.

Within the emergent curriculum, the studies become more elaborate, last for longer periods of time, and incorporate kindergarten readiness skills.   We give our 4s students the confidence and experiences needed to make a smooth transition into a traditional kindergarten setting.

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